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Day 3: Events leading in and out.. January 25, 2010

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There certainly was a lot of action today..

From the dewy hours of the chilly morning, starting from the hockey match in SAI complex, which IIMB clinched with a 2-0 win against IIMA, through to the volley ball matching starting right about now, between IIMB and IIML.. a host of excitement has happened.


In the early matches between IIMA and IIML, which saw quite a few turns of the wheel, we saw IIML getting a lead of 2-1 after the singles round with the likes of Vishal playing strong for IIML and Anil of IIMA winning his singles. Anil’s win was not in vain however when, IIMA went on to win both doubles and clinch the title with a 3-2 win over IIM lucknow. For the scores catch the updates that happen at http://twitter.com/Sports_Council

Boys TT:

Kavash opened the event on a good note for IIMB by winning against Deepak of IIMA in three close games with a score of 3-0.. The Scores of the first two individual games were 13-11, 14-12. Shantanu added on to the IIMB tally by clinching another close match by getting a 3-2 win against IIMA putting IIMB ahead by 2-0 in badminton. IIMB seemed to be on a roll as it continued to win the doubles 13-11, 11-6, 11-6 thanks to kavash and ashok.. And the drama continued in the IIMb Vs IIML matches when IIMB came back from a loss of 0-2 to win a 3-2 victory over IIML in a dramatic turn of events..

Finally the scores stand at IIMB beat IIMA 3-0, IIMB wins against IIML 3-2, IIML scores a 3-0 victory against IIMA..


The story goes along the same lines as in badminton, only the sport and the players are different. IIMB wins 7-5, 7-5 against IIML and VV proves again why he is one of the star players of IIM Bangalore.


Coming to everybody’s favourite sport, we did see IIML shining after posting a 6-wicket victory over IIMA while chasing a target of 155.


IIMA turned tables on IIML by getting a lead of 2-0 after winning both the singles.


Ishan bhanu from IIMB swam his way to a photofinish at breaststroke and butterfly. IIMA also showed the swimming prowess of its student Karthikeyan who won both 100 and 50m freestyle. In the other swimming events, IIMB won 50X4 freestyle, with Anand Biswas winning the 50m backstroke..

Lawn tennis:

IIM repeats its TT success by posting a narrow 3-2 win over IIMA.

On a parting note:

As we write this piece, we are planning to rush to the badminton court to see VV of IIM Bangalore play his last game of badminton for IIMB right now.. Just the thought makes us feel sad! Kudos to VV!!

  1. Boys TT: IIMB wins against IIML 3-2. IIMB wins against IIMA 3-0. IIML wins against IIMA 3-0.

  2. Boys TT: IIMB wins a thriller. 3-2 after being 0-2 down.

  3. Carom(A-L): IIMA leads IIML 2-0 after winning first two singles.

  4. Boys TT: IIMB vs. IIML on in Rec room

  5. Boys TT: IIMB beat IIMA 3-0

  6. Boys TT: Doubles Kavash and Ashok on …. 13-11 , 11-6 ,11-6

  7. Swimming Updates: Anand Biswas (B) won 50m Backstroke

  8. Swimming updates: Ishan bhanu (B) won breaststroke and butterfly. Karthikeyan (A) won both 100 and 50m freestyle. IIMB won 50X4 freestyle.

  9. Lawn Tennis: IIML beat IIMA 3-2 in a closely contested match.

  10. Carrom: IIMA vs. IIML about to begin.

  11. Boys TT: Doubles to be played by Ashok and Kavash (IIMB) against Deepak and Amit (IIMA).

  12. Boys TT: Shantanu (B) beat IIMA 3-2 in his singles. IIIMB up 2-0. Doubles about to start.

  13. Boys TT: Second Singles: Shantanu up 2-1 against IIMA. 4th game in progress.

  14. Swimming: IIMB beat IIMA 23-10.

  15. Boys TT: Kavash (B) beat Deepak (A) 3-0 in 3 closely fought games. Second Singles to be played by Shantanu about to start.

  16. Boys TT: The second game was equally close with Kavash (B) beating A 14-12. IIMB up 2-0 (first match).

  17. Boys TT: IIMB vs. IIMA: First singles: Kavash (IIMB) smartly outplayed Deepak to win close 1st game by 13-11. Come now to catch action live!

  18. Cricket: IIMA vs. IIML. IIML won by 6 wickets chasing a target of 155

  19. Pool: B vs. L. IIMB wins, 7-5 (VV), 7-5


Day 3: Girls’ basketball- Clueless on Court January 25, 2010

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The girls’ basketball match was one of the most anticipated events and it lived up to expectations – from one side at least. Like they say, a score is worth more than a thousand words, and the final score at today’s match was 35-1. Right from the word go, the IIMA girls had no clue what had hit them. Within a few minutes, the only goal for the girls from A was to clear the half court line; in the second half of the match, that further changed to just getting hold of the ball.

From a match that began with almost no spectators thanks to an exciting boys’ volleyball match, the girls’ basketball game soon saw more than its fair share of the junta. And they had enough and more to cheer about, because while the IIMA girls were busy trying to get their hands on the ball, the IIMB girls went on what can only be called a complete rampage. They passed, they collected rebounds, they got their shots in.

All in all, there’s nothing that can be said to describe the match. In Barney’s words, it was legen… wait for it… dary!!

Day 3: The Scoreboard January 25, 2010

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Along with the glimpse into the various sports, we now bring the answer to the question that is sure to be plaguing many minds. The scoreboard tally..

As evident, IIMB leads the scores with a century and followed by IIMA which is at a score of 70. The lucknow contigent is at a distant 11..

But there are still events left, tides to be turned and fortunes to be reversed..

The forecast?? Just wait and watch!!

Volley Marathon January 25, 2010

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We bring to you more action at Sangharsh 2010, straight from the volley court where the marathon is on between the teams of IIMA, IIMB and IIML!

The first match of the sequence was between IIMA and IIMB teams, which was a cakewalk for the IIMB team, winning in straight sets. In the words of Tshering, IIMB volley team, “There was nothing really exciting about the match… strikers were in form and we’re just waiting for the next game now”.

Meanwhile, the IIMA-IIML match going one currently has some excitement going on with some great cheering and sledging on both ends, thanks to the interesting names on the player jerserys! As of now, the first two sets being won by IIMA, who are also leading in the third set at 18-14.

Stay tuned for some live action and the next report on the slaughter of IIMA girls basketball team by the IIMB girls 35-1!

A night to remember!! January 25, 2010

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It sure was!! With the bands of IIMA and IIMB sharing the same stage to  put up one of the most exciting performaces in IIMB, the spectators soon forgot all about the day-end scoreline. The show highlighted the underlying thought prevalent in the minds of the students – they’ll give it all and fight till the end for the honour of their college, but when it comes to having a good time, boundaries cease to exist. And that was what the show was all about.

The show started with a bang with the IIMB band presenting a fantastic version of Kandisa. With the spectators’ attention now firmly on the stage, the 2 bands then enthralled the audience with some evergreen numbers such as One last breath, Hotel California, Pretender, Toss the feathers, Sound of Muzac, Smoke on the water, Wake up Sid and some Floydian melodies.

THe show ended at around 1 AM in the night, but that was when the party started.

And for some pics… here they are!

The IIMA band performing at Sangharsh 2010

Tshering from IIMB rocking the crowd!

Day 2: Well into the night January 24, 2010

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Its reaching 11. With the band tuning going on in the background one can see all the sportspersons gathered looking tired and exhausted after giving thrilling performances through the day..

The most memorable of all the minute victory of IIMA in the wee minutes of the football match.. The goal that helped them post a win of 1-0to give a hairrising finish..On the other hand, IIMB continued its run at badminton with VV and chandan winning the doubles.. The winning streak of IIMB continued in throwball with the girls clinching the match in two straight sets amidst huge applause and much drumming..

Just in: Volleyball match also postponed to tomorrow.. And IIMA win the boys basketball match 28-14..

Tomorrow is shaping up to be very promising with not only the scheduled events but also some of the most exciting matches of today pushed ahead..

We will leave you with a message for the night – Rock on!!!

P.S. Just a sneak peek into one of the most interesting event..We give you “Batting Nemo” 🙂

Day 2: Boys Badminton and Delays January 24, 2010

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IIMB’s success continued in Badminton with VV winning singles against Shashank Puli of IIMA with scores 15-1, 15-1. And IIMA came back into the game with Anil K of IIMA winning against Karthik with 15-6, 15-2. The doubles badminton was underway as of then with IIM A and B battlingit out for dominance. The results of the football match which was going 0-0 between IIM A and B are also awaited eagerly by the crowds thronging the ground..

And to report a few delays,

The hockey match has been postponed to tomorrow morning 7 am.The TT boys matches have been put on hold to wait for the arrival of IIML players whose flights seem to be canceled. Another delay, this time in tennis which is also postponed to tomorrow..

But we do have a few matches to look forward to, with the throwball match starting between the girls of IIM A and B. The volley court of A-B-C square seems to be the next most crowded place..

Day 2: Girls Badminton January 24, 2010

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IIMB had a dream run at badminton this morning with the team acing both the matches comfortably and in style. Swati from IIMB won the first match with scores 11-1,11-1. In a not-so-dramatic non-reversal of fortunes, the IIMB team, Swati and Sangeeta, won the doubles match too, with an almost unbelievable 11-0, 11-1.

And with this, IIMB wins girls badminton at Sangharsh. Boys Badminton starts today at 4 PM with an IIMA vs IIMB tie. Be there!

Day 2 Cricket: IIMB vs IIML January 24, 2010

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The first cricket match at Sangharsh was a tan lovers delight. The locals scored a challenging 167/9 in 25 overs, thanks to classy knocks by Shini, Tshering and Raghu. The IIML team however succumbed to 104 in 18 overs, though not before putting up a fight. The highlight of the IIML team was Abhinav, who, in scalping 5 wickets in about two overs almost managed to get the IIMB team in deep <censored>. The locals, however, prevailed.

Make sure you dont miss the IIMA vs IIML tie tomorrow morning at 10.

Day 2: Places to be January 24, 2010

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1. Hit the Volleyball court at 3 pm for the IIMA-IIML match

2. Definitely watch the exhibition Frisbee match at 4 pm

3. Return for TT at 6 pm (IIMB – IIML)

4. Watch Girls Throwball – IIMA vs IIMB at 7 pm

5. Boys Basketball IIMA-IIMB at 8 pm. Must Watch.

6. Complete the circuit at the Volleyball court for the IIMB-IIML match at 9:30 pm